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Mesmerizing Places To Visit in Hungary

From quaint villages to the city of lights, Budapest, there is so much to explore while studying at a Hungarian University. It would be a shame not to explore the fantastic scenery that adorns the country. Towns and cities of all sizes have preserved their historical attractions which demonstrate the impact of various cultures on the country. The countryside includes one of the breathtaking sights that you would ever come across in Eastern Europe. You are not far from beautiful river scenes, lakes and spectacular mountains while in Hungary. The enchanting Danube flows right through the country thereby providing...

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Essential Things to Know For Studying in Hungary

Hungary is a nice little country located at the heart of European Continent. Though it does not seem like an obvious choice, the universities of Hungary are becoming increasingly popular with international students especially those interested in medicine and engineering. There are over 25 universities in Hungary that offer Bachelor’s programs. Although the universities are not as popular as American and UK universities, they are gaining increased attention from the international students. The University of Debrecen and Eotvos Lora University are the premier universities in Hungary offering world-class educational facilities to the students. Here is a list of essential...

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A Complete Guide to Student Immigration Requirements

Obtaining permission for studying in Hungary is quite a straightforward process once a student has secured admission in any Hungarian university. The only requirement is that appropriate forms and correct documentation have to be presented for procuring the student visa. The application forms can be downloaded from the website and are available in five different languages. These forms can be obtained from the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. The visa rules differ for EU and non-EU citizens. Requirements for EU and EEA citizens You need to apply for a study visa in Hungary if your...

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University Of Debrecen: Offering a Plethora of Programs

The University of Debrecen is one of the most popular and largest universities in Hungary. It traces its educational roots of rich excellence, diversity, and traditions dating back to 1538. The university houses more than 4000 international students from over 100 countries. The widely recognized degrees offered by this institute will enhance your career opportunities no matter where you wish to settle down. The university has two major campuses in Debrecen. The older campus hosts a majority of the departments of the faculties of science, medicine, arts, music, economy, law, and informatics. Several units are spread across the city...

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