Obtaining permission for studying in Hungary is quite a straightforward process once a student has secured admission in any Hungarian university. The only requirement is that appropriate forms and correct documentation have to be presented for procuring the student visa. The application forms can be downloaded from the website and are available in five different languages. These forms can be obtained from the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. The visa rules differ for EU and non-EU citizens.

Requirements for EU and EEA citizens

You need to apply for a study visa in Hungary if your stay exceeds three months. Your national identity card and passport are sufficient for gaining an entry in Hungary for the purpose of the study. If you have plans to stay longer, then you need to apply for a student visa which would be granted upon submitting the following documents.

  • An approval document from university of admission
  • Proof of tuition fee payment

You need to make sure that you have valid health insurance coverage during your stay in Hungary. Ask your health insurance agency to issue you a European Health Insurance Card in case you do not have it. You can also submit your certificate of enrolment to the Hungarian University for applying for an insurance cover from any health insurance company located in Hungary.

Requirements for Non-EU citizens

Non-EU students need to apply for a residence visa if they wish to study in Hungary. You would be asked to fill an application form that comprises of information about the kind of education, the name of the university, the headquarters of the university, scholarship details and the amount of money being carried during their stay in Hungary. The students also need to include documentation pertaining to the prospective accommodation as well as a proof of financial means of sustenance.

Here is a detailed list of documents that need to be submitted by the prospective students for obtaining an entry permit for studying in Hungary.

  • School Certificate

Applicants need to submit their school certificate which qualifies them for the course that they have applied for in the Hungarian university.

  • Visa Application form

An original application form has to be filled with all the necessary information which is included in the Visa Application Kit.

  • Letter from University

A letter of admission needs to be submitted from the university demonstrating the length of stay, contact information and accommodation information

  • Financial Requirements

Evidence of support of funds for the stay in destination has to be provided in the form of bank statements

  • Special instructions

Applicants who need a visa need to apply at the nearest Consulate in person. The requirements are listed in the guide that can be accessed from the official website of the consulate. An appointment needs to be set up in advance for processing the request made.

  • Passport Requirements

Original passport which is valid for six months beyond stay in Hungary. There should be at least one blank page available in the passport for accommodating visa stamps. Amendment pages are not considered to be suitable for visa stamps.

  • Photo Requirements

A recent passport type photograph with white/plain background, front view and in color needs to be submitted for procuring a visa.

  • Medical Requirements

A proof of valid insurance coverage or a letter from insurance agent has to be submitted hinting that the student has full international coverage for the entire stay in Hungary

  • Status of residency

An original permanent resident card or any other proof of national identity has to be furnished along with the visa documents

  • Appearance in person

The Consulate requires the applicants to appear in person while applying for a visa for gaining entry in Hungary.

A lot of rules govern the entry of non-residents of Hungary whether it is for the purpose of education, travel or business. Detailed information can be procured by visiting the official website to know the rules applicable to individuals. The rules differ from one country to another. It is best to know them before applying for the process in order to avoid any delays in the process. Make sure to submit accomplished documents with all the necessary documents that have been requested with the form to ensure the process is smooth.