Located in Europe, Hungary is the surrounded by Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, and Romania. With approximately about 10 million residents, the largest city and the capital is Budapest.

Hungary is definitely one of the best places to live in. And, it’s culture and lifestyle totally set it apart. For instance, their cold fruit soups to their music and the extremely popular Goulash to their paprika, you will be introduced to a whole new exotic world. When it comes to life in the countryside, you will see that it’s very laid back when compared to what you see in cities. In other words, its immensely charming. Here, you will come across old ladies selling homemade jams, exotic pickles, and ripe-fresh fruits. And, when it is time for the traditional grape harvest festival, you will see the whole community participate. With lovely local music and fun-filled dance, it is incredibly enjoyable.

If you take cost into consideration, the cost of living is low compared to other big cities in Europe. And if you live in smaller cities, the costs go down even more. Therefore, if you are someone who is deciding where to go for your further studies, take a look at all the reasons why you must spend your university years in Hungary.

Centrally Located Hungary

Since Hungary is centrally located, which makes travelling a piece of cake. You will find frequents trains and flights, which is also affordable. After all, when you study abroad, it is important that you get to know your host country and if an opportunity to travel comes your way, it is always clever to make the most of it. Also remember, instead of making use of well-known airlines, always travel via smaller airlines as it is cheaper comparatively.

Hungary is centrally located, which makes travelling a piece of cake

Excellent Institutes 

Did you know? The first Hungarian university came into existence in 1367.

Also, you will find National excellence universities, Research Universities, and awarded institutions. This is definitely a great way to continue your education. When you are taught by an excellent faculty, you will learn a great deal more.

Hungarian higher education is different when compared to what you are used to. Therefore, students can major in the field they are interested in. From humanities to medicine and music to art, you can explore your interests. Lastly, Hungary offers a very high quality of education.

University of Szeged is one of Hungary’s leading and internationally ranked higher education institutions

Cost Of Living

An important factor when it comes to studying abroad is indubitably the cost of living. Budapest, the capital of Hungary is relatively cheaper when compared to other big cities. You will approximately spend about $15 for two weeks of groceries, which is so much cheaper than what you will spend in the US. Also, the prices in restaurants, pubs, clothing stores, etc. are almost similar or even cheaper than what you are used to. 

Did you know? According to a survey 63% of students chose Hungary because of its low costing and high quality of education.

Tailor-Made Work Schedule

A plethora of universities here offer a wide range of course options. Also, the universities here follow a unique concept where the classes are offered in a three-hour-block and then a break-in. This allows a relaxed environment where you can generally enjoy a four-day-week and it even means that you will have only certain classes in a week. This will help you study better, and you can explore your free time exploring the city to its fullest.

Unique Country With Rich Culture

Did you know? It was merely 29 years ago that Hungary was declared a non-communist country.

During the Nazi rule, Hungary was gravely oppressed and the majority of the Jewish population at Auschwitz concentration camp came from Hungarian Jews. Therefore, you will come across some wondrous historic places throughout the country.

For instance, when you walk down the lanes of Budapest, you will come across places that take you back to the history. Shoes on the Danube is a memorial for the Jews who were once the victims of the Nazis. The Museum of terror will show you the pieces of painful history that will tug your heart strings.

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So yes, Hungary offers great education, scenic beautiful, a terrific environment, all within your budget.