The University of Debrecen is one of the most popular and largest universities in Hungary. It traces its educational roots of rich excellence, diversity, and traditions dating back to 1538. The university houses more than 4000 international students from over 100 countries. The widely recognized degrees offered by this institute will enhance your career opportunities no matter where you wish to settle down.

The university has two major campuses in Debrecen. The older campus hosts a majority of the departments of the faculties of science, medicine, arts, music, economy, law, and informatics. Several units are spread across the city in addition to the major campuses. Education in the university falls under the following categories.

The foundation programs aim at imparting the necessary preliminary knowledge to the students in certain fields so that they are better equipped at taking up the course. These programs lay a foundation for the course that the students wish to excel. The popular foundation programs offered at the university include Basic Medicine Course, English Language Courses, and Preparatory Course for Music Theory, Choir Conducting and General Music Studies. English language courses are aimed at international students who need to work in enhancing their knowledge about the language which would help them throughout their course.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs have been designed to develop the undergraduate knowledge in the field of choice and for refining the skills through research and application. The following is the list of programs offered at the university.

  • Agriculture program
  • Business program
  • Engineering programs
  • Health programs
  • Humanities program
  • IT programs
  • Music programs
  • Science programs

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate programs offer broad and general education in the chosen field. However, graduate programs offer advanced learning in a specialized sub-discipline. The University of Debrecen graduate programs aim at offering an in-depth understanding of concepts such that the students become an expert in the area of study. Advanced skills are taught in the areas such as oral presentation, problem-solving mathematics and lot more which can be applied to improve the experience in the field of study. The graduate programs taught at the University of Debrecen have been listed below.

  • Agriculture programs
  • Business programs
  • Engineering programs
  • Health programs
  • Humanities programs
  • Science program
  • IT program
  • Law program
  • Music program

One-tier Programs

The one-tier programs of the University of Debrecen have been designed for offering methods of inquiry and breadth of knowledge to the students in the area of their study. These programs expose the students to various areas and have been designed to foster creativity and independence. These prompt the students to develop insightful ways to promote growth in the area of study. The university of Debrecen offers one-tier programs in following areas:

  • Agriculture program
  • Medical program

Ph.D./Doctoral Programs

The doctoral program at the University of Debrecen is a full-time course which involves four years of post-baccalaureate. The program permits students to engage in advanced research and study with scholars in a variety of fields. The course fosters scholarly and original research which encourages students to contribute to the fields of study. Graduates can integrate their experience and professional education while pursuing doctoral programs. The students are expected to work closely with an assigned faculty member from their chosen area of study. The advisor plays a pivotal role in success at completing the program. The University of Debrecen offers doctoral programs in the following streams:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Informational Technology
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

International Study Semester Program

The participants of the International Study Semester Program need to choose the subjects of their chosen program at the university which are relevant to the previous studies done by them. The minimum requirement for the program is to take up at least 15 credits in each semester and apply for the program from their second year onwards. This program is similar to normal programs in every way. The major difference is that time is spent abroad in pursuing a semester in one of the partnered universities. These programs are aimed at students who have the confidence of thriving while living abroad. Overall, the course is aimed at enriching the experiences of students while pursuing their education.