An Interest In Science and Mathematics

 I was graduating high school (see reference link: and was definitely interested in science and mathematics. I was always interested in molecules within organisms and the way that things were made. After meeting with my high school counselor, I decided to look into a career in Biochemistry and/or molecular biology. It was something that I was passionate about and would be happy with if I could make a living with this major. As I mapped out a plan with my high school counselor, the most important thing was deciding which schools would offer this as a major. I had to make sure that I had the grades for admission to a particular school, then after admissions take my core classes and finally my much beloved bio-chemisty and biology classes. It was a journey that would take a minimum of 4 years, but I was prepared. I knew that my high interest in science and mathematics would help me make the right choice for my career and my life.

Social Twist On Your Mind?

Brother Crush - Social Aspect

Brother Crush – Social Aspect, Is There One?

If you mind is more focused on social aspect of societies then you should consider studying other things than Biochemistry. Our social life is changing daily, habits along with it and this is why studying the subject is very important. Taking Brother Crush as the latest example can help you changing your mind. Brother Crush is a fantasy website that visually describes the problem of relationships inside step family. Sounds easy? Wait, there is a couple of details. Relationship in this case mean sexual intercourse and step family means two step brothers, which brings another aspect of homosexuality. Do you see how twisted can simple interactions in society become?


Choosing The Right College/University

One of the most important things to do in order to have a successful career in Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology is to choose an excellent school that has a great Bio-chemistry and Biology department. There are colleges and universities all around the world in which to choose, particularly if you have the right grades for admission. I had to decide if I wanted a small college or a large university. I needed to look at the overall ratings and reviews for the colleges that I was seeking out. I had to look at the towns/cities for safety and other issues. I also had to look to see if they had on campus and off campus rooms and how close they were to the school as I would not have a car to get around. I also had to look at how close it was to my own hometown if I wanted to be close enough for my parents to visit. There was a whole checklist of things that I needed to look at before I could choose the right college or university that would fit my personal needs.

Finding A Bio-Chemistry And Biology Mentor

One of the most important things that you can do for a successful career in Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology is to find a mentor who is already doing what you want to do as a career. A mentor can allow you to shadow them so that you can see what a typical day will be for a chemist. There are so many different careers that you can explore even within these two majors and a mentor can help you explore what is best for you. There are places where you can work in the laboratory, in corporate offices or as an administrator who owns other laboratories. You get the chance and the choice to decide what your dreams and goals are. A mentor will help you narrow down what is important for you as you develop your career and make it a successful life.